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Bird Electronics

The equipment listed here in the is all used test equipment, unless stated as Brand New.
These have been tested on-site at Telford Electroincs, by a used test equipment expert, and assured to work on arrival. If the test equipment is being sold as Parts Only defects will be listed in the description.

All used test equipment is supplied with 30 day warranty (minimum) and operator/user manual

ManufacturerModelDescriptionPriceMore info
Bird Electronics095-1Element-More Info
Bird Electronics100-A-FFN-10Attenuator75More Info
Bird Electronics1000EElement-More Info
Bird Electronics100AElement-More Info
Bird Electronics100BElement-More Info
Bird Electronics100CElement25More Info
Bird Electronics100CElement-More Info
Bird Electronics100DElement-More Info
Bird Electronics100EElement-More Info
Bird Electronics100HElement-More Info
Bird Electronics10AElement-More Info
Bird Electronics10BElement-More Info
Bird Electronics10CElement25More Info
Bird Electronics10CElement-More Info
Bird Electronics10DElement-More Info
Bird Electronics10EElement-More Info
Bird Electronics110-1Element25More Info
Bird Electronics110-1Element-More Info
Bird Electronics150-1Element-More Info
Bird Electronics1KElement-More Info
Bird Electronics25BElement-More Info
Bird Electronics25CElement25More Info
Bird Electronics25CElement-More Info
Bird Electronics25DElement-More Info
Bird Electronics4230-053Dual Directional Coupler-More Info
Bird Electronics4274-025RF Sampler Element65More Info
Bird Electronics4410-1Element95More Info
Bird Electronics4410-1Element-More Info
Bird Electronics500HElement-More Info
Bird Electronics50DElement25More Info
Bird Electronics50HElement-More Info
Bird Electronics5BElement25More Info
Bird Electronics5CElement25More Info
Bird Electronics5CElement-More Info
Bird Electronics5DElement25More Info
Bird Electronics5DElement-More Info
Bird Electronics6154Termaline Wattmeter75More Info
Bird Electronics72RReversing Coaxial Switch65More Info
Bird Electronics8936-230Termaline Coaxial Resistor-More Info
Bird Electronics90000117Element-More Info
Bird ElectronicsAPM-50LElement-More Info
Bird ElectronicsAPM-5EElement-More Info
Bird Electronicsoo2Element-More Info
Bird Electronicsoo6Element-More Info
Bird ElectronicsSN028Element-More Info