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The equipment listed here in the is all used test equipment, unless stated as Brand New.
These have been tested on-site at Telford Electroincs, by a used test equipment expert, and assured to work on arrival. If the test equipment is being sold as Parts Only defects will be listed in the description.

All used test equipment is supplied with 30 day warranty (minimum) and operator/user manual

ManufacturerModelDescriptionPriceMore info
HP05356-80005Harmonic Mixer-More Info
HP08747-60012Power Splitter-More Info
HP0955-0826Fixed Attenuator-More Info
HP10780CReceiver200More Info
HP10833AGPIB Cable 1 Meter-More Info
HP10833BGPIB Cable 2 Meter-More Info
HP10833DGPIB Cable 0.5 Meter-More Info
HP1141ADifferential Probe-More Info
HP11517AWaveguide Mixer-More Info
HP11567AAir line Extension150More Info
HP11570A50 Ohm Accessory Kit200More Info
HP11636APower Divider-More Info
HP11652-60009Power Splitter150More Info
HP11664DScalar Detector-More Info
HP11665BDirectional Coupler-More Info
HP11667BPower Splitter550More Info
HP11685ALow Pass Filter-More Info
HP11687ASignal Generatro Adpater125More Info
HP11689ALow Pass Filter-More Info
HP11692DCoaxial Dual-Directional Coupler-More Info
HP11708AFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP11710BDown Converter-More Info
HP11721AFrequency Doubler275More Info
HP11722APower Sensor500More Info
HP11767ATracking Generator Amplifier250More Info
HP11769AReturn Loss Bridge-More Info
HP11852BFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP11866ACalibration Kit200More Info
HP11945AClose-Field Probe Set1350More Info
HP11947ATransient Limitier with High Pass Filter750More Info
HP11970AWaveguide Harmonic Mixer500More Info
HP11970AWaveguide Harmonic Mixer250More Info
HP11970KHarmonic Mixer-More Info
HP11970KWaveguide Harmonic Mixer400More Info
HP11970QWaveguide Harmonic Mixer750More Info
HP11971AHarmonic Mixer500More Info
HP16381AStandard Air Capacitor- 
HP16500BMainframe-More Info
HP33103AMicrowave Switch50More Info
HP33120AFunction/Arbitrary Waveform Generator-More Info
HP33122AMicrowave Switch-More Info
HP33311BCoaxial Switch-More Info
HP33320AProgrammable Step Attenuator300More Info
HP33322HProgrammable Step Attenuator300More Info
HP33330BLow-Barrier Schottky Diode Detector-More Info
HP33330DDetector Negative125More Info
HP339ADistortion Measurement Set-More Info
HP3488ASwitch/Control Unit-More Info
HP34904A4 x 8 Two-Wire Matrix Switch100More Info
HP3499A/44476A5-Slot Switch/Control System C/W Microwave Switch1250More Info
HP3560AHand-Held Dual -Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer-More Info
HP35665ADual Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer-More Info
HP35665A2-Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer-More Info
HP35670ADynamic Signal Analyzer2250More Info
HP35676AReflection/ Transmission Test Set500More Info
HP3586CSelective level Meter-More Info
HP3588ASpectrum Analyzer-More Info
HP37742ATest Set-More Info
HP3779CPrimary Multiplex Analyzer-More Info
HP3788AError Performance Analyser-More Info
HP41800AThe Keysight 41800A Active Probe provides high input impedance from 5 Hz to 500 MHz. The Keysight 41800A is a valuable tool when used with a network and spectrum analyzer for circuit signal analysis.-More Info
HP4191A/16092ARF Impedance Analyzer/Spring Clip Fixture2250More Info
HP41952ATransmission and Relection Test Set-More Info
HP4195ANetwork/ Spectrum Analyzer-More Info
HP4195ANetwork/ Spectrum Analyzer2000More Info
HP4284APrecision LCR Meter-More Info
HP432APower Meter-More Info
HP438APower Meter450More Info
HP4395ANetwork/ Spectrum Analyzer3000More Info
HP4396BNetwork/ Spectrum Analyzer3000More Info
HP44476AMicrowave Switch500More Info
HP46084AHP-HIL ID Module45More Info
HP5006A5006A Signature Analyzer-More Info
HP5086-7220Directional Detector-More Info
HP5086-7238Isolated Power Divider-More Info
HP5352BMicrowave Counter-More Info
HP5356DHarmonic Mixer Driver350More Info
HP6012BDC System Power Supply-More Info
HP66319DDual Output Mobile Communications DC Source1250More Info
HP6641A200 Watt Power Supply350More Info
HP6642A200 Watt Power Supply500More Info
HP6673A(IFR) 2000 Watt System Power Supply-More Info
HP6675A(IFR) 2000 Watt DC Power Supply-More Info
HP6681A(IFR) 5000 Watt Power Supply-More Info
HP70206ASystem Graphics Display-More Info
HP75000Series C frame-More Info
HP779DDirectional Coupler-More Info
HP787DDirectional Coupler-More Info
HP796DDirectional Coupler-More Info
HP8057APrecision Noise Generator-More Info
HP81110APulse Pattern Generator, 165/330 MHz3500More Info
HP8120-4782RF Interconnect cable-More Info
HP8153A + 81533ALightwave Multimeter + Optical Head Interface-More Info
HP8340BSynthesized Sweeper3000More Info
HP8341ASynthesized Sweeper-More Info
HP8341BSynthesizer Sweeper1750More Info
HP8349BMicrowave Amplifier1250More Info
HP8350B + 83599ASweep Oscillator mainframe + Plug-in5000More Info
HP83557AWave Source Module Complete With HP83557-60001 Coupler/Detector.4500More Info
HP83558AMillimeter-Wave Source Module-More Info
HP83558ASignal Generator12000More Info
HP83592ARF Plug-In-More Info
HP83622ASynthesized Sweeper6000More Info
HP83732ASignal Generator, Options 1E1, 1E5, 1E8 & UK6 Installed3500More Info
HP8447AAmplifier200More Info
HP8447EAmplifier300More Info
HP8447FPreamplifier and Power Amplifier-More Info
HP8473BLow-Barrier Schotky Diode Detector75More Info
HP84813APeak Power Sensor1250More Info
HP8481APower Sensor-More Info
HP8481HPower Sensor350More Info
HP8482APower Sensor375More Info
HP8491ACoaxial Fixed Attenuator25More Info
HP8491AFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP8491A-10dBFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP8491A-20dBFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP8491A-6dBFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP8491B-10dBFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP8491B-20dBFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP8492A-40dBFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP8494AManual Step Attenuator300More Info
HP8494BManual Step Attenuator300More Info
HP8495BManual Step Attenuator300More Info
HP8495DManual Step Attenuator300More Info
HP8496AManual Step Attenuator300More Info
HP85020ADirectional Bridge750More Info
HP85024AHigh- Frequency Probe600More Info
HP85025CWaveguide Dectector Adapter-More Info
HP85025ECoaxial Detector400More Info
HP85027ADirectional Bridge900More Info
HP85027BDirectional Bridge1250More Info
HP85027EDirectional Bridge995More Info
HP85032AType N Calibration Kit400More Info
HP85044ATransmission/Reflection Test Set-More Info
HP85046AS-Parameter Test Set 50 Ohm.-More Info
HP85050ACalibration Kit1100More Info
HP85050BStandard Mechanical Calibration Kit2200More Info
HP85050CPrecision Mechanical Calibration Kit2000More Info
HP85051AVerification Kit200More Info
HP85051BVerification Kit800More Info
HP85052BMechanical Calibration Kit3500More Info
HP85053BVerification Kit 3.5mm1000More Info
HP8508A + 85082ANetwork/ Spectrum Analyzer1250More Info
HP8514BTest Set-More Info
HP85620AMass Memory Module300More Info
HP8562ASpectrum Analyzer-More Info
HP8563ASpectrum Analyzer7000More Info
HP8564EPortable Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 40 GHz - Option 007 Installed (Digitized Fast Time-Domain Sweeps)-More Info
HP8566BSpectrum Analyzer, RF Section Only2500More Info
HP8568BSpectrum Analyzer, RF Section Only1250More Info
HP8569BSpectrum Analyzer-More Info
HP86205ARF Bridge 50 Ohm, 300 kHz to 6 GHz450More Info
HP8642BSynthesized Signal Generator1500More Info
HP8647ASynthesized RF Signal Generator-More Info
HP8648ASynthesized RF Signal Generator-More Info
HP8648CSignal Generator-More Info
HP8657BSynthesized Signal Generator-More Info
HP8662AHigh-Performance Signal Generator-More Info
HP8664AHigh-Performance Signal Generator2500More Info
HP8672ASynthesized Signal Generator-More Info
HP8673BSignal Generator-More Info
HP8673DSignal Generator/ Full performance synthesizer4000More Info
HP8711ARF Network Analyzer with option 1E1-More Info
HP8721ADirectional Bridge95More Info
HP87222CCoaxial Transfer Switch-More Info
HP8722ESVector Network Analyzer-More Info
HP87300BCoaxial Directional Coupler, 1 GHz to 20 GHz250More Info
HP87415AMicrowave System Amplifier750More Info
HP87512ATransmision/ Reflection Test Set1350More Info
HP8753BRF Network Analyzer-More Info
HP8753DRF Network Analyzer-More Info
HP8762BCoaxial Switch-More Info
HP8763BCoaxial Switch125More Info
HP8900C + 84811APeak Power Meter + Peak Power Sensor-More Info
HP8902AMeasuring Receiver4250More Info
HP8902AMeasuring Receiver3500More Info
HP8903BAudio Analyzer700More Info
HP892A-6dBFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP8942A-10dBFixed Attenuator-More Info
HP8970B (OPT 020)Noise Figure Meter, Noise Figure Test Set & Noise Source1250More Info
HP8970B, 8971C & 346ANoise Figure Meter, Noise Figure Test Set & Noise Source5000More Info
HP8981AVector Modulation Analyzer-More Info
HP8991APeak Power Meter-More Info
HP905ACoaxial Sliding Load-More Info
HP911ASliding Load-More Info
HP911CSliding load250More Info
HP911CSliding Load-More Info
HP9153AFloppy Disk Drive-More Info
HPE1330BQuad 8-bit Digital Input/Output Module-More Info
HPE1340AArbitrary Function Generator-More Info
HPE1411B5.5-Digit Multimeter, C Size200More Info
HPE1438ASignal Analyser1250More Info
HPE1472AMultiplexer600More Info
HPE1671AHP / Agilent E1671A Sonet/SDH Transport Overhead Generator, C Size, Module, HP 75000 Series-More Info
HPE1672AHP / Agilent VXI Transport Overhead Receiver Module, HP 75000 Series-More Info
HPE1682AHP / Agilent E1682A Sonet/SDH SPE Receiver, C Size, Module, HP 75000 Series-More Info
HPE1684AHP/ Agilent E1684A Sonet/SDH Payload VT-TU Receiver DS1 VXI Module, HP 75000 Series-More Info
HPE4401BNetwork/ Spectrum Analyzer1500More Info
HPE4412Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensor-More Info
HPE5063ANetwork Analyer-More Info
HPE6432AVXI Microwave Synthesizer, 10 MHz to 20 GHz5000More Info
HPHP 8590BSpectrum Analyzer1400More Info
HPHP 8721ADirectional Bridge250More Info
HPHP54810AInfiniium Oscilloscope, 2 Channels1500More Info
HPHP8481BPower Sensor650More Info
HPHP85033C3.5mm Calibration Kit900More Info
HPK281CAdapter-More Info
HPK281CCoaxial Waveguide Adapter-More Info
HPK486AWaveguide Therminstor Mount-More Info
HPK752CDirectional Coupler-More Info
HPK752DDirectional Coupler-More Info
HPQ85026AWaveguide Detector-More Info
HPR382AVariable Attenuator-More Info
HPR422CWaveguide Detector500More Info
HPR752CCoupler-More Info
HPR752CDirectional Coupler-More Info
HPR752DDirectional Coupler-More Info
HPWPC-7Fixed Attenuator-More Info
HPX486AWaveguide Thermistor Mount300More Info