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HP 8153A + 81533A

The HP 8153A lightwave multimeter mainframe offers two slots for plug-in modules. Since modules can be combined in any combination, the instrument can be used as a 1/2 channel power meter, as a 1/2 channel light source, as a loss test set, or even as a return-loss test set.Four different power sensor modules, with sensitivity from -70 dBm down to -110 dBm, cover the 450 to 1700 nm wavelength range. Each is individually calibrated over it's entire wavelength range and is traceable to NIST and PTB for precise optical power measurements. The excellent linearity and high stability of the source modules provide the basis for precise determination of optical insertion loss for both single-mode and multi-mode components Without the need for an external controller, long term power, insertion loss, or return-loss monitoring up to 100 hours can be performed. For easy documentation, the measured curves can be dumped to any HPGL plotter. Automatic loss measurements can be made simultaneously at two wavelengths. Procedures to maximize the amount of coupled light are supported as well. The HP 81533A Optical head interface module has a wavelength range of 450 to 1020nm, Power range: +10 to - 100dBm.

Category Multimeters
Manufacturer HP
Model 8153A + 81533A
Description Lightwave Multimeter + Optical Head Interface
Connector Type
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