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Lindos LA100

Lindos LA100 ( LA102 + LA101) The LA100 Audio Analyser is a complete audio test system in daily use world-wide by broadcasters, manufacturers, telecom and studio engineers. The flexibility of the system means that testing a broadcast satellite link or aligning a Beta cam machine is as easy as testing a loudspeaker or studio intercom.The units have rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries which trickle-charge when mains power is connected, making them as portable as a multi-meter - ideal for both field and bench applications.The LA100 can be used for manual or automatic testing, with the results displayed in numerical and graphical form on the back-lit LCD, or printed via the RS232 compatible serial interface (most printers are supported, including Epson, IBM and Hewlett Packard dot matrix, ink-jet and laser printers). Lindos can supply a compact serial to parallel interface for parallel-only printers. The software support package supplied (Lin4win) provides the ultimate in computer controlled audio analysis, and there is a rich built in instruction set for those who wish to write customised control software. Features: Measures level, frequency, phase, noise, crosstalk, distortion, rumble, W&F. Fast autio ranging with manual override, Low distortion synthesized Oscillator, Fully Floating 10, 75 and 600 Ohm Outputs.

Category Generators & Analyzers
Manufacturer Lindos
Model LA100
Description Audio Analyzer
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