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Watkins-Johnson WJ-9548

The WJ-9548 is a compact, multichannel Frequency Division Demultiplexer that incorporates the accuracy and repeatability of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to achieve exceptional amplitude and group delay characteristics. An analog tuner in the front end of each channel demodulator permits a high-resolution analog-to-digital converter and a significant degree of filtering prior to the sampling process. These effects combine to produce superior noise performance and high dynamic range. The WJ-9548 merges analog and digital techniques to achieve significant performance enhancements relative to demultiplexer implementations which are purely analog or digital. Due to its modular design, the WJ-9548 is configurable as a 6-, 12-, 18- or 24-channel unit. Units with fewer than 24 channels are field-upgradable by installing 6-channel cardsets into the appropriate motherboard slots. Other options are also field-installable with similar ease. Tunable from 0 to 20 MHz in 1 Hz Steps.

Category Demultiplexer
Manufacturer Watkins-Johnson
Model WJ-9548
Description Digital FDM Demultiplexer
Connector Type
Price £500