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The equipment listed here in the is all used test equipment, unless stated as Brand New.
These have been tested on-site at Telford Electroincs, by a used test equipment expert, and assured to work on arrival. If the test equipment is being sold as Parts Only defects will be listed in the description.

All used test equipment is supplied with 30 day warranty (minimum) and operator/user manual

ManufacturerModelDescriptionPriceMore info
Marconi2019ASignal Generator400More Info
Marconi2022 SeriesSignal Generator Driver Modules-More Info
Marconi2022DSignal Generator500More Info
Marconi2025Signal Generator1500More Info
Marconi2042Low Noise Signal generator-More Info
Marconi2305Modulation Meter500More Info
Marconi2437--More Info
Marconi2440--More Info
Marconi2945ACommunications Test Set-More Info
Marconi2946ACommunications service monitor, NAV, COMM Test Set-More Info
Marconi2955BRadio Communications Test Set-More Info
Marconi2965Comprehensive Radio Communication Test Set-More Info
Marconi2967Comprehensive Radio Communication Test Set-More Info
Marconi3002VXI Signal Generator3000More Info
Marconi5169Fixed Attenuator-More Info
Marconi54421-003JDirectional Power Head250More Info
Marconi54499-043JPsophometric Filter- 
Marconi6200BMicrowave Test Set5750More Info
Marconi6200BMicrowave Test Set-More Info
Marconi6201BMicrowave Test Set-More Info
Marconi6230Amplitude Anaylzer-More Info
Marconi6233Amplitude Anaylzer-More Info
Marconi6240FFault Locator800More Info
Marconi6511Amplitude Anaylzer-More Info
Marconi6512Amplitude Anaylzer-More Info
Marconi6531-8Fixed Attenuator-More Info
Marconi6534-4Attenuator25More Info
Marconi6910Power Meter/ Sensor350More Info
Marconi6913Power Sensor450More Info
Marconi6923Power Sensor800More Info
Marconi6960--More Info
Marconi6960AMarconi Instruments (IFR, Aeroflex) 6960A RF Power Meter-More Info
Marconi6960BPower Sensor/ Meter350More Info