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Power Meters & Sensors

The equipment listed here in the is all used test equipment, unless stated as Brand New.
These have been tested on-site at Telford Electroincs, by a used test equipment expert, and assured to work on arrival. If the test equipment is being sold as Parts Only defects will be listed in the description.

All used test equipment is supplied with 30 day warranty (minimum) and operator/user manual

Manufacturer Model Description Frequency Watts Option Manual Connector Type PriceMore info
Anritsu ML2437A/MA2422B Power Meter C/W Power Sensor 1000 More Info
Anritsu MP716A Power Sensor 50-75GHz 850 More Info
Bird Electronics 100C Element 100-250 MC 25 More Info
Bird Electronics 10C Element 100-259MHz 25 More Info
Bird Electronics 110-1 Element 110-160MHz 25 More Info
Bird Electronics 25C Element 100-250 MHz 25 More Info
Bird Electronics 50D Element 200-500MC 25 More Info
Bird Electronics 5B Element 50-125MHz 25 More Info
Bird Electronics 5C Element 100-250MHz 25 More Info
Bird Electronics 5D Element 200-500MHz 25 More Info
Bird Electronics 6154 Termaline Wattmeter 25-1000MHz 75 More Info
Boonton Electronics 4200 RF Microwattmeter 100kHz to 18GHz 750 More Info
EIP 203001 Remote Sensor 750-110GHz 400 More Info
EIP 2030038 Remote Sensor 50-75GHz 400 More Info
Gigatronics 80324A CW Power Sensor 10 MHz - 40 GHz - More Info
Gigatronics 8542 Dual Input RF Power Meter 18 GHz - More Info
Gigatronics 8542C GPIB Universal Power Meter 10 - 40GHz 900 More Info
HP 3586C Selective level Meter 50Hz to 32.5 MHz - More Info
HP 438A Power Meter 100 kHz to 50GHz 450 More Info
HP 84813A Peak Power Sensor 500 MHz to 26.5 GHz 1250 More Info
HP 8481A Power Sensor 10Mhz to 18GHz - More Info
HP 8481H Power Sensor 10MHz to 18GHz 350 More Info
HP 8482A Power Sensor 100 kHz to 4.2 GHz 375 More Info
HP 8900C + 84811A Peak Power Meter + Peak Power Sensor 100MHz to 18GHz - More Info
HP E4412 Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensor - More Info
HP HP8481B Power Sensor 10MHz to 18GHz 650 More Info
HP X486A Waveguide Thermistor Mount 8.20 to 12.4 GHz 300 More Info
IFR 6970 RF Power Meter 30KHz to 40GHz 575 More Info
Keithley 2400 Source measure Unit - More Info
Marconi 2305 Modulation Meter 500kHz to 2GHz 500 More Info
Marconi 6910 Power Meter/ Sensor 350 More Info
Marconi 6923 Power Sensor 10MHz - 26.5 GHz 800 More Info
Marconi 6960B Power Sensor/ Meter 0 kHz up to 46 GHz 350 More Info
Philips PM6303A/PM9542A Automatic RCL Meter C/W RCL Adaptor 1 kHz 1350 More Info
Photodyne 44XLA + 350 Power Meter + Optical Sensor -  
Rohde & Schwarz NRV-Z2 Medium Power Sensor 650 More Info
Rohde & Schwarz NRV-Z31 Peak Power Sensor 650 More Info
Rohde & Schwarz NRV-Z32 Power Sensor - More Info
Wandel & Goltermann PMP-20 Digital Level Meter 30Hz to 20kHz - More Info