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The equipment listed here in the is all used test equipment, unless stated as Brand New.
These have been tested on-site at Telford Electroincs, by a used test equipment expert, and assured to work on arrival. If the test equipment is being sold as Parts Only defects will be listed in the description.

All used test equipment is supplied with 30 day warranty (minimum) and operator/user manual

" AC Supply Active Probes Adapters Amplifiers Analyzer Antenna Attenuator Attenuators Audio Analyzer Audio Power Amplifier Batteries Broadband Amplifier Burst Generator Cables Calibration Kits Category Circulator Coaxial Resistor Communications Analyzer Communications Receiver Controller Counter Counters Couplers Coupling Network Crimp Tools Curve Tracer Data Bus Exerciser Dectector Adaptor Demultiplexer Detector Digital Meter Disk Drive Drivers Elements EMI Test Reciever ESD Simulator System Filters Frame Frequency Converter Frequency Counter Frequency Meter Function Generator Generators & Analyzers Horn Antenna Input / Output Module Insertion Unit Isolator Klein Optical Instruments LCR Meter Lightning Surge Simulator Load Dump Tester Lock-In Amplifier Main-Frame Mainframe Measurement Set Micro Tester Microscopes Microwave Measurement Reciever Modems Module Monitors Multimeter Multimeters Multiplexer Network Analyzer Noise Figure Meter Noise Generator Oscillators Oscilloscopes Parameter Test Set Position Indicator Power Amplifier Power Divider Power failure Simulator Power Meter Power Meters & Sensors Power Sensor Power Source Power Supplies Power Supply Primary Multiplex Analyzer Probes Radiation Meters Radio Receiver Radio System Radio Transmitter Reciever Receivers Recorder Resonators RF Amplifier RF Components RF Power Amplifier RF Power Meter RF Shield Box RF Terminators Sanitizer Shieled Chamber Signal Analyer Signal Analyzer Signal Generator Signal Generators Signature Analyzer Simulator Sliding Load Sources Splitter Surge Generator Survey System Switches SWR Autotesters SWR Bridge Synchro Test Set Synthesized Sweepers Synthesizer System Analyser Temperature Bath Temperature Calibrator Terminations Test Boxes Test Receiver Test Reciever Test Set Test Sets Timer / Counter Tracers Transmission Testers Transponder Test Set Triode Tuner Controller TV Test Transmitter Universal Power Analyzer Unknown V-Network Voltmeter Waveform Generator Waveform Synthesizer Waveguide Waveguide Therminstor Mount