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Schaffner NSG642

"The NSG 642 is intended for use as an add-on unit for Schaffner?s EMC Test System NSG 2050 with the drop-out simulator PNW 2003.


Power input 230 Vac (plus-minus10 %)

Output voltage 1 - 280 Vac (at 230 Vac input voltage)

1 - 255 Vac (at 220 Vac input voltage)

Nominal current rating 16 A rms

Regulation speed 120 V/s max.

Frequency 50/60 Hz (up to 400 Hz at reduced nominal rating)

Maximum permissible loading:

Continuous 16 A rms

Overload 20 A rms for 4 minwi t h 20 min cool-off

(thermally limited) 25 A rms for 1 minwi t h 10 min cool-off

80 A rms for 1 sec with 4 min cool-off

Operating elements Mains on/off switch

Swtch for EUT supply 1

Switch for EUT supply 2

Connectors IEC connector with filter for power supply to the unit

4-pin socket for EUT supply 1

4-pin socket for EUT supply 2

16 A mains connector for transformer supply

9-pin D-Sub connector for control signals

Housing Desktop unit (19"" mounting by means of accessories)

Dimensions (WxHxD) 449 x 310 x 500 mm (17.6 x 12.2 x 20"" approx.)

Weight 35 kg (77 lbs) approx."

Category Sources
Manufacturer Schaffner
Model NSG642
Description Variable AC Voltage Source
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