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Solartron 1250

The Solartron 1250 Frequency Response Analyzer makes precise measurements of gain and phase. The 1250 features an internal synthesized function generator and 2 parallel input channels. It stimulates the device under test and analyzes the response at one or more points in the system. These responses are then correlated with the stimulus to determine the amplitude and phase relative to the generator. The ratio of the two measured signals can then be used to provide the system transfer function. This process rejects all harmonics and, by increasing the integration time, even signals which are buried in noise can be measured accurately. AC amplitude range - 10mV to 10V, for power supply testing. Analyzer range - 300V, ie for ATS (Automated Test Systems), power station vibration testing. Noise rejection capability. Synchronizer option enabling generator and carrier signals to be locked in terms of frequency / phase. Ability to analyze non-linear systems. Multiple channel analysis.

Category Generators & Analyzers
Manufacturer Solartron
Model 1250
Description Frequency Response Analyzer
Connector Type
Price £1500